Peace Lutheran Church / Our History

Our History

Peace Lutheran Church was founded in 1954

The first baptisms and confirmation class: Erwin Stephen Barstow, Clara Emma Schneider, and Janice Sue Schneider – December 12, 1954

First Marriage: George Anderson and Thelma Hackerott – Easter Sunday, March 29, 1959

First Funeral: Infant Pederson, stillborn August 1958

First Seder Meal: April 16, 1981

First Soup Supper: 1991

First Spaghetti Supper: 1995

The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League, known as the Deborah Society was organized on August 18, 1955 installing the following officers: President-Clara Schneider; Secretary-Treasurer-Hilda Barstow.

God initially began opening the door of His church in Greensburg when Rev. Lee Lennon from Redeemer Lutheran Church, Bucklin, Kansas, was commissioned by the Kansas District Board of Missions to investigate the Greensburg area as a possible mission site. However, no organizational proceedings were taken at this time. God opened the door wider when several of the Lutheran families in Greensburg approached Rev. Martin Pullman from Kinsley and asked for his help in starting a church. The door was further opened when Peace Lutheran Church held its first congregational meeting in the Greensburg Community Building in January 1954. From this and subsequent meetings, Articles of Incorporation and a Constitution were drawn up for the church. In the spring of 1954, Peace Lutheran Church was incorporated within the State of Kansas. Peace Congregation became a member of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod in 1954, when the Kansas District in Convention passed the congregation’s petition for membership. Thus the door of God’s church had been officially opened. The charter members of the church were: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schneider, Mr. and Mrs. John Galyardt, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. Lewellen Koehn, Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Barstow, Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Ellinson. The congregation met in the Greensburg Community Building until August 1954, when they purchased a vacant church building from Weaver Fleener of Greensburg with the help of a $5,000 loan from the Church Extension Fund. The building was remodeled and was dedicated to the glory of God on June 12, 1955. God had furnished the congregation with a place to worship. The congregational officers elected that same year were: President-Henry Schneider; Vice-president-John Galyardt; Secretary-Roy Schmidt; and Treasurer-Lewellen Koehn.

Groundbreaking for the new church building was on the existing site on July 16, 1989. Much of the construction of materials, labor and time were donated by members of the congregation. The new building was dedicated to the glory of God in April of 1990.

The May 4, 2007 tornado destroyed the church building, but not the spirit of it's members. The church resided in a temporary structure supplied by Orphan Grain Train. We rebuilt on the existing concrete slab and opened the doors in November 2010 with a dedication. We were able to purchase pews, altar, pulpet and many other things from the Lutheran Church in Russell, Kansas that was closing.